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Male to Male VGA Cables - Molded Connectors

Model: VGA M-M MD

1.500.000 ₫

Giá đã bao gồm thuế VAT

VGA M-M MD/35 (26-238-17) giá bán 1,500,000

VGA M-M MD/100 (26-238-20) giá bán 3,500,000

Key Features

  • Certified for use with Cable Cubby and HSA surface access enclosures
  • High performance cable designed for transmission of computer video and ID bit signals
  • Pin 9 is passed through from end to end
  • Terminated with high quality VGA molded connectors
  • VGA shell grounded for ESD electrostatic discharge protection
  • Injection mold with overall foil shield for improved EMI - electromagnetic interference isolation

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VGA M-M MD/35 35' (10.6 m) 26-238-17
VGA M-M MD/100 100' (30.4 m) 26-238-20

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